How to prevent dogs from diseases

01 Aug 2016 22:16
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Dogs are referred as the most loyal and the best companion of human beings. They are used as rescue dogs, hunters and dog guards. A dog pet is like a friend to its owner. Nobody can break in to your house if a guard dog is there to protect. There are many health problems that can occur to a dog including diabetes, cancer, cough and worms. Every disease has a separate vaccination and can be cured accordingly by veteran. But the best thing is to protect your pet from these deadly diseases by doing some necessary precautions. Here goes the list of some of the diseases and their necessary precautions that has to be made to remain your pet healthy and safe.


Parvovirus is a virus that attacks that attacks the heart and intestine of the dog. This is very painful virus and enters the body of the dog when it comes in contact with feces of the affected dog. It has symptoms like diarrhea and a very quick weight loss. A dog having parvovirus has very low chances of surviving.
Parvovirus can be prevented by proper vaccination of core vaccine. This includes hepatitis, rabies and distemper.

2)Gastric torsion:

Gastric torsion is uncomfortable. It’s even worse in dogs than humans. This occurs due to fast eating. It includes restlessness, enlarged stomach and excessive saliva. This disease is very painful and can cause a severe damage.
You can prevent this disease by training your dog to eat slow. You can put food inside a kong toy that doesn’t let your dog eat all the food at once.

3)Kidney disease:

The most worst thing about kidney disease is that it is rarely preventable. It can develop slowly inside the body of the dog. This disease is genetic and can be carried from generation to generation. This disease is due to some dental disease if kept untreated, the gum from teeth can enter bloodstream causing kidney disease. Its symptoms include fever, vomiting and change in drinking routine.
This disease can be prevented by keeping your dog’s teeth clean. A regular dental checkup would really help to prevent this disease.

4)Lyme disease:

This disease is caused by some bacteria’s transmitted by deer ticks. Its symptoms include loss in appetite and stiffness. If not caught early, this disease can cause severe damage to kidneys.
Preventative medicines are available in the market that are used to prevent this disease. Moreover keeping your dog away from the areas having deer’s is also very helpful in preventing this disease.


Over all there are numerous of diseases that can cause damage to your pet and even can took it away from you if not cured. So always do some basic precautions to prevent your dog from these deadly diseases. For more information

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